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Why Women Need Testosterone

For women, testosterone has been shown to increase energy and lean muscle, reduce fat and cellulite, increase metabolism and relieve fatigue.3, 4

Did you know that women need testosterone for optimal health, just as men do?

While it’s true women don’t produce as much testosterone as men – only about 10% as much — testosterone is critically important for a woman’s overall wellness and vitality.

In fact, in their healthy reproductive years, women have 10 times more testosterone than estrogen coursing through their bodies!1

Research Shows Testosterone Can Do Much
More for Women Than Once Believed

Recent studies show that women need testosterone for the same health reasons men do, and that increasing a woman’s T levels provides the following benefits:

• Weight and fat loss6
• Increased energy and relief from fatigue11
• Improved muscle tone6
• Increased bone strength10
• Balanced mood and enhanced feelings
   of well-being11
• Reduced anxiety and depression9
• Protection from heart disease9
• Improved sexual desire and sexual sensitivity10,11
• Enhanced orgasms12
• Relief from menstrual symptoms including cramps and other pain decreased breast tenderness
• Relief from many of the symptoms of menopause
• Bone health2,3,4

Unfortunately, just like men, women start to lose testosterone around 30 years of age, and their testosterone continues to decline as they grow older.

Many experts now believe that it’s this loss of testosterone, and not estrogen, that can cause women in midlife to gain weight, lose bone density, get “flabby muscles”, feel tired, depressed, and lose mental focus — as well as experience a reduction in libido.1, 3, 4, 5, 6

Testosterone is Vital for a Woman’s Physical and Mental Health

Dr. Rebecca Glaser from the Wright State University’s Boonshoft School of Medicine and a leading researcher and advocate of testosterone therapy for women says,

“Testosterone is our most abundant biologically active hormone. Adequate levels of testosterone are necessary for physical and mental health in both sexes.”1

The New England Journal of Medicine published one of the most widely disseminated studies showing testosterone’s importance in maintaining a woman’s well being and sexual function.

The result was that women who increased their testosterone showed significant improvement in sexual function, mood, and general well being.4

And testosterone appears to be crucial in maintaining a woman’s energy and sense of well being, regardless of age. Even women in their twenties who are taking birth control pills may suffer from low testosterone and its effects, as oral contraceptives are known to lower testosterone levels.5

Maintaining healthy T levels can help your relationship become stronger, with a better mood and a better sex drive.

Lose Fat and Gain Lean Muscle

Testosterone increases bone density and lean muscle and decreases body fat, cellulite, and insulin resistance.6

Besides its psychological and sexual effects, testosterone plays an important role in helping women maintain a healthy body composition.

Testosterone increases bone density and lean muscle and decreases body fat, cellulite, and insulin resistance.6

Many experts now believe testosterone loss can cause women in midlife to gain weight, lose bone density, get “flabby muscles”, feel tired, depressed, and lose interest in sex.1, 3, 4, 5, 6

— National Institute of Health

Dr. George Yu, a urologic surgeon and aging specialist at Aegis Medical and Research Associates in Annapolis, Md, says,

“Testosterone is the best remedy available for
eliminating midlife upper-arm batwings.”

Dr. George Yu

A recent study, reported in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, showed that women who increased their testosterone lost more body fat – especially belly fat – and gained more lean muscle than women given a placebo.

Study participants followed a low-calorie diet but did not change exercise habits. After nine months, the women who increased their testosterone had lost twice the body fat and gained six pounds of lean musclecompared to women in the placebo group.6

Protect Your Health and Extend Your Life

The importance of testosterone for women goes beyond physically noticeable effects – testosterone has been shown to greatly impact a woman’s long-term health, too.

In a 4.5-year study of nearly 3,000 women, scientists at Harvard Medical School and the Department of Endocrinology in Germany found that low testosterone in women is associated with not only cardiovascular events, but also increased risk of death from all causes!7

The leading cause of death in postmenopausal women – the group of women with the lowest testosterone – is cardiovascular disease.

The Harvard study showed that low testosterone in women is associated not only with cardiovascular disease, but increased risk of death from all causes!7

And women who have had a hysterectomy, which significantly lowers testosterone, are three times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than women who have not had one.

Natural testosterone helps to increase blood flow and dilate blood vessels, which can protect you against cardiovascular events.8

Studies show that women with higher testosterone levels have less risk of heart disease. 8,9,10

Can a Woman Increase Her Testosterone, Without Side Effects?

Yes, women can increase their testosterone safely, naturally, and without scary or “masculine” side effects, and Andro400 has been specially formulated to work for both men and women.

The key ingredient in Andro400 is a natural root extract that has been used safely and effectively for centuries in traditional Asian medicine by both men and women as an aphrodisiac.

This widely used and studied herb is a natural alternative to prescription testosterone and has been shown to increase natural testosterone production, significantly improving sexual health, bone health, and body composition.

In addition, it has been widely researched for its safety, and no significant side effects have been reported.11

Because it promotes healthy blood flow, increases bone density, and boosts libido, Andro400 is especially popular with women who need relief from menstrual problems or the much-dreaded symptoms of menopause.2, 8

Testosterone is a vital part of every woman’s healthcare plan, and it is important to maintain your testosterone as you age and hormones decline.

Testosterone is a vital part of every woman’s healthcare plan, and it is important to maintain your testosterone as you age and hormones decline.

Andro400 can help boost natural testosterone safely and effectively, so you can have all the benefits of testosterone, without harmful side effects!

Stay active, fit, healthy and happy as you grow older by maintaining youthful testosterone levels with Andro400.4,10,11



If you’re not satisfied that Andro400 has benefited you, simply return the bottle(s) you ordered (empty, partially full or unopened) within 90 days of your purchase date. Upon receipt, we will promptly refund your purchase price for the returned bottles, less shipping and handling costs.

Andro400 is tested and manufactured in a FDA registered and inspected nutraceutical facility. This laboratory strictly complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to ensure that Andro400 is of the best quality and purity available.

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