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Naturally Increasing Testosterone Can Help Men Over 40


How Belly Fat Is Affected By Testosterone

Chances are, you’ve struggled with a constant fight against your belly fat. According to the CDC, over 42 percent of adults are obese, with a BMI of over 30. As you get older, it can feel harder to have the energy to get up and exercise to burn off the weight. One reason you’re losing the battle of the bulge could be that you have a low testosterone level. 

Low testosterone levels can lead to fat buildup and can even cause a reduced amount of energy. It’s proven that the decline in testosterone levels is closely tied with the storage of deep “visceral” fat. This one-two punch of excess weight paired with lower energy levels can make it feel impossible to go down a pants size and feel like yourself again. 

Not only can low testosterone lead to more belly fat, but it can also lead to lower testosterone levels. This becomes a vicious spiral of weight gain where your testosterone levels cause you to gain belly fat, which only lowers your testosterone levels more. Once you enter this cycle, it’s hard to fight against the pattern that your body is following and could be why your belly fat is so difficult to lose. Learn more about how men can lose belly fat, and how Andro400 helps naturally boost testosterone to assist you in accomplishing your weight loss goals.

Hundreds of Scientifically verified (although not well-known) studies have shown that low testosterone leads to excess fat buildup in the abdomen, which can be very difficult to shed through diet and exercise alone.1, 2, 3 But the good news is: there is a simple solution to this problem.

You see, your T levels start decreasing at about 30 years of age, and it’s so gradual it’s hardly even noticeable … until one day you realize you’re no longer the man you used to be.

This accounts for why it gets harder for us men to maintain our weight as the years go by. Sometimes we experience this as “flab” around the middle, and other times it feels like a hard ball in your stomach.

A 4 inch increase in waist size increases a man’s odds of having Low T by 75%. For comparison, 10 years of aging increases the odds by only 36%.1

– National Institute of Health

This is where Low T can become especially harmful, encouraging the more dangerous type of fat that gets lodged deep inside your body called visceral fat — literally coating and smothering your most vital organs and keeping them from functioning properly.3, 5, 12

And even for younger men, this can be the start of a very dangerous series of events that not only makes it difficult to lose weight, but starts a man on a downward spiral toward poor health.

Testosterone Can Help Fight Against Belly Fat

Diet and exercise can do quite a bit to fight against unwanted belly fat, but the secret to really helping you get rid of those inches is increasing your testosterone levels. By increasing your testosterone, you may be able to stop your body from building up belly fat, give yourself more energy, and promote muscle growth.

If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau with your health and nothing you do seems to be able to get rid of that pesky belly fat, it’s not what you’re doing that is the problem. The real problem is inside of you and can be fixed by improving your testosterone levels.

Men with higher T levels gain less belly fat6 and find it much easier to stay lean.

“Low testosterone levels could help explain the round bellies of many middle-aged men,”

– Dr Carolyn Allan of Prince Henry’s Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr Allen conducted a 12-month study which showed that Low T levels result in increased abdominal fat in men⁶

The study treated two groups of men — all average weight – who had low T levels. Group A received testosterone and Group B got a placebo. The study found that men who received testosterone did not gain fat around the middle, while the men who took the placebo did.⁶

The Australian study confirms what many other studies show: higher T levels can prevent abdominal obesity and the dangerous build-up of visceral fat.

The study also found that the amount of belly fat a man carries is a leading predictor of Low T levels.

That’s because belly fat slows down and inhibits your body’s testosterone production.7 It’s a vicious cycle: Low T causes belly fat, and belly fat causes even lower Low T! 2, 7

Low T leads to the buildup of visceral fat, and both are very dangerous to your health and longevity 2, 5, 7, 8, 12

And unless testosterone is increased, men of any age who have abdominal fat, (even men in their 20’s) can start down the dangerous road leading to Low T.

Low testosterone can trigger a host of life-threatening diseases5, 8, 12, 16 including: heart disease, prostate cancer, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. — and worse of all: increased mortality from all causes.16, 17, 18, 19

Improving one’s Testosterone should be part of every man’s overall wellness plan. Indeed, the benefits of higher T go way beyond outward results such as losing belly fat, gaining muscle, and increasing energy, stamina and libido.

The Actual Science: How Testosterone Reduces Fat

Testosterone therapy in men is associated with weight loss. Testosterone treatments have been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, lipid oxidation, and even reduction of fat. For men that are suffering from obesity, testosterone treatments can help them break the cycle.

Testosterone regulates carbohydrates, proteins, and fat metabolism. With increasing testosterone, subjects show an increased resting energy expenditure. This means that testosterone therapy in men with or without diet and physical activity not only produced reductions in fat but also showed improvements in cardiometabolic function.

Scientific studies show there are three specific ways testosterone reduces and prevents the buildup of abdominal fat:

1. Testosterone inhibits fat storage by blocking a key enzyme necessary for the uptake of fat into the body’s fat cells.9

2. Testosterone stimulates fat burning by increasing the receptors on the fat-cell membrane that release stored fat.9

3. Testosterone increases insulin sensitivity (reducing diabetes risk) and improves lipid and insulin metabolism, while enhancing the growth of muscle fibers and decreasing fat deposits.9

Studies show Increasing your testosterone to youthful levels can help your body burn fat and regain muscle.4,6,9,12

Testosterone Can Help Build Muscle Mass

According to a study at Massachusetts General Hospital published in the New England Journal of Medicine, 10 Low T is not only directly related to increased belly fat, it causes muscle and strength loss.5, 10, 12

Low T = More Fat + Less Muscle

High T = More Muscle + Less Fat

Testosterone is a male growth hormone that helps develop masculine characteristics in adolescence, as well as general muscle growth. While high testosterone levels can increase muscle mass, lower levels of testosterone can lead to a decrease in muscle and bone mass. 

One way you can help counteract muscle loss is by increasing your testosterone levels. The building and maintaining of muscle mass can help fight obesity and get rid of annoying belly fat

Study after study has shown the natural herbal ingredient in Andro400 will safely restore your Testosterone levels without any negative side effects.11, 13

In fact, the herb in Andro400 has been used for over 400 years in Asia for it’s many health benefits and as an aphrodisiac to enhance sex drive and performance in both men and women! Not only does this herb have an extremely long history of safety, there’s a mountain of research proving it’s effectiveness!11, 13, 14, 15

How Men Lose Belly Fat

The best way to melt belly fat is with regular exercise and diet, but that might not be enough for you. Even with a healthy diet and exercise, you can still have a beer gut that just won’t go away.

If you’re stuck and still wondering why belly fat is so difficult to lose, it isn’t your fault. You’re doing everything right, but your body is fighting against you with low testosterone levels. One way that could help you is by raising your testosterone levels. This can help you build the muscles you want to keep and melt the belly fat you’re trying to get rid of, while also improving your stamina and libido.

Belly Fat As You Get Older

As you get older, it can get harder to keep the pounds off, and you’re not alone. The older you are, the higher chance you have of being overweight. Seventy-three percent of adult men are overweight or obese. That’s roughly two out of three adult men. Some of that might be due to poor exercise, diet, or sleeping habits; another contributor is low testosterone levels. 

In your 30s, your body slowly starts to produce less testosterone. With each year that passes, you have less testosterone to work with. This can lead to increased weight gain, and over the years you change from a fit 20-something to a flabby dad bod with a gut that spills out over your waistband. 

A disproportionate share of obese Americans, almost three-quarters of all obese individuals, are ages 51-69. In some populations, this period of life can match the same schedule of when the body experiences diminishing testosterone levels. Lower levels for an extended period leads to symptoms like obesity.

Feel Like a New Man When You Restore Your Testosterone with Andro400

The natural testosterone boost you can get every day from Andro400 can end the fat cycle once and for all. Andro400 can support your body while combating the life-threatening dangers of low testosterone. With Andro400, you can feel healthier and enjoy life more when you have the energy and stamina to do the things you love. This can help you have a better sex life, more confidence, and an overall sense of happiness and well-being.

Try the Andro400 Solution

We can’t promise you’ll become a superhero, but we can promise that boosting your testosterone back to youthful levels with Andro400 can be life-changing. And since Andro400 offers the best satisfaction guarantee in the industry, you have nothing to lose—except that clingy belly fat.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If after taking Andro400 daily for at least 60 days, you haven’t started feeling happier, healthier, stronger, more energized, and fit, or noticed an increase in libido and stamina, you may return the product and receive your money back (less shipping) for a full 90 days from the date you ordered. That’s how confident we are that Andro400 can make a positive difference for you like it has for tens of thousands of other happy customers who take it every day!

With improved testosterone levels, you can:

  • Lose fat and become more fit.
  • Regain your muscle mass and strength.
  • Have more energy and stamina.
  • Speed up your metabolism.
  • Enjoy an increase in sex drive, libido, and performance.
  • Improve your mood, memory, and mental clarity.
  • Protect your health and help support a longer lifestyle.

With Andro400 you can increase your testosterone levels safely and naturally.

With youthful Testosterone levels, you will be able to:

• Lose fat and become more fit

• Regain your muscle and strength11

• Have much more energy and stamina10

• Speed up your metabolism11

• Enjoy an increase in sex drive and performance9

• Improve your mood, memory and mental clarity10,11

• Protect your health and possibly even extend your life!12

With Andro400 you can increase your T levels safely and naturally with no side effects!



If you’re not satisfied that Andro400 has benefited you, simply return the bottle(s) you ordered (empty, partially full or unopened) within 90 days of your purchase date. Upon receipt, we will promptly refund your purchase price for the returned bottles, less shipping and handling costs.

Andro400 is tested and manufactured in a FDA registered and inspected nutraceutical facility. This laboratory strictly complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to ensure that Andro400 is of the best quality and purity available.

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