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See why customers love Andro400

Andro400 is changing lives, but don’t just take our word for it. Read hundreds of reviews below about how Andro400 has helped make changes in peoples lives.

Andro400 Is the Only One that Worked!

I ordered 3 bottles of ANDRO 400 about a year ago. Then I started working out. After awhile I started getting stronger and stronger, and I didn’t think I needed Andro400 anymore. After a few months without Andro400, I realized that it wasn’t me, it was Andro400 that was helping me get stronger. Over a period of almost a year, I tried all kinds of other products that were supposed to do the same things as Andro400, and none of them worked. Andro400 was the only thing that worked! So now I’m back with you guys, and I’ll be with you guys forever!

Mike Hice, Cincinnati, OH

Andro400 Kicked in & He Lost 30-40 Lbs.

I lost like 80 pounds, and part of it is I have been running, too. I went from about 256 down to 170. I started running last March, so it’s almost been a year, and I’ve been on the Andro400 the last 3 months. And it really kicked in, helped me drop 30-40 pounds real quick.

Tim Childs, Hudsonville, MI

5” Gone in 3 Months. You Don’t Know What You’re Missing!

Great product! In the first 3 months of taking Andro400, I went from a 48 waist down to a 43 waist. I’m 6 feet tall and 225 pounds. I’m in really good shape now but at that time, not too good. I’m thrilled to have Andro400! I am your walking advertisement, and I tell everybody about it. Those that are willing to listen, good for them, and those that aren’t — well, they don’t know what they’re missing!

Edward Hartman, Lorain, OH

Improved Libido, Energy, Lost 25 lbs

I am very happy with the Andro 400 results I’ve experienced. I’ve been able to lose 25 lbs and my energy and libido are definitely improved!

Alex Casuccio, Scottsdale, AZ

More Energy, Calmer Mood

I’m always a little skeptical of placebo effect, so I ordered 3 months and took it regularly. Then I stopped for the last couple of months because I wanted to see if there was a difference, and I can definitely tell. I lost about 9 pounds while I was taking Andro400. And I actually felt more alert, awake. Not stimulated, but just more alert like I had more energy and my mood seemed to be much calmer. Even people commented, “You seem more relaxed.” And, I think I know why. This has really been a big help to me.

Brian Gish, Whittier, CA

Husband Working Around House Again!

I put Andro400 with my husband’s other pills without him knowing. Within a week he started doing all kinds of things around the house – washing windows, vacuuming, cleaning the garage, etc. – things he hadn’t felt like doing in years! I told him I was giving him Andro400 every day and he said, “Whatever that stuff is, I don’t want to stop taking it – order more!

Patricia Johnson, Houston, TX

Lost His Belly & Love Handles, Gained Muscle & Energy

My husband is a construction worker works hard every day. He’s been losing his muscle tone and just dwindling away. So told him about Andro400. He’s been on it 2 months now and his muscle tone is coming back, and I’ve noticed a big increase in his energy. I said: “You’ve lost weight! You look so thin!” He lost all of that belly. He has no love handles now! It’s gotta be the Andro400. He’s starting to look healthy, he’s building muscle, and he looks younger. A co-worker’s husband is on it too, and she told me: “I can’t keep up with him in the morning!

Debra Shull, Stockton, CA

After 20 Years, Pain is Gone – Andro400 Does Wonders

I started taking Andro400 about 3 months ago, and it has made a tremendous difference in my overall health. I’m 65, and I used to have pain all over due to spine issues involving bulged disc and degenerative disease for more than 20 years. After I started taking Andro400, the pain is almost gone! I can walk and exercise, resulting in reduction both in my waistline and my weight. In addition, I was rushing to the bathroom for frequent urination and was told that I have an enlarged prostate. But now I have better bladder control, increased libido and overall wellness. I do not know whether it enhances the mood, but it could be the good side effect due to its effect on the other issues, like having better sleep. Folks, the product does wonders, and I recommend that people should try it to see themselves the excellent results. Thank you Andro400!

C. Anand, Germantown, MD

Andro400 is Awesome

Your product works awesome! After a month it was amazing — more energy, less tired, and all-around good!

Ted LaLongo

63-Year-Old Keeps Up With 19-Year-Olds

Boy, I’m doing fine, you can’t imagine! I play basketball 6 days a week all winter. I’m 63 years old. I play with 19-year-olds, and I hold my own every day. And Andro400 helps a lot. I’m quick as a cat — it’s amazing! I absolutely know the difference. I’m having a blast, and I appreciate your product. It works wonderfully!You can’t imagine what I can do at my age — and you help. That ain’t no kiddin!

Brent Lucarelli, Lockport, IL

Feels the Energy!

Boy , when I started taking the Andro400, I could feel it! In a good way. That was neat. It was really an increase of energy. You’re not selling a placebo there, I’ll tell you that!

Doug Hendrickson, Denver, CO

Dr. Says It’s Amazing

Andro400 is amazing! It gives me so much more energy and stamina. I no longer need coffee for energy in the afternoon to keep me from feeling sleepy. Andro400 also gives me a wonderful feeling of well-being and puts me in a calm state of mind.

Dr. Adrianna Scheibner, Sydney, Australia

77, Lost 4 Inches of Belly Fat & Feels Great!

I have been using Andro400 for four months and I have lost four inches of my belly fat. I don’t weigh myself and you’re right, check yourself in the mirror and see the difference in your belt. The best part is I feel great. I’m 77 years old and I intend to continue using Andro400.

Richard P., Las Cruces, NM

Feels a Lot Better, No Side Effects

I’ve tried all kinds of different so-called energy and testosterone boosters. I can’t have testosterone from the doctors because I have prostate cancer. I’ve had this cancer 15 years, and I’m not doing anything to take it out — I just said no. I just take a lot of natural herbs and anti-oxidants to keep my pH balance. All your ingredients will work for me. And I do feel a lot better since I started taking it. Thank you for your support, and I’m doing really well on your product. I have no problems with any side effects with Andro400. My PSA levels are normal. My prostate is at normal, it’s not swollen or hardened. I just take 2 tablets in the morning, that’s all I do.

Steven Hall, Visalia, CA

Energy and Alertness Like 10 Years Ago

I’m 42 years old, very active with a physically demanding job. Andro400 has helped with my energy levels and helped my body burn fat more effectively during workouts. Andro400 takes my energy and alertness levels back about 10 years!

Eric Amin, Louisville, KY

Noticed Difference When He Stopped Taking It

I didn’t notice a great big difference until I quit taking Andro400. All of a sudden I just don’t feel as good as I did. I just feel kind of run down, I feel tired. I’m actually more sold on it since I quit taking it!

MB Connell, Topeka, KS

Andro400 Works, Lost 20 Lbs

I am sold. It works. I’ve dropped 20 poundssince I’ve been on this diet with Andro. You’ve gotta have a sensible diet, don’t do crazy stuff, but if you use that Andro, man it works. I was 230 pounds – I’m 210 and I will not look back.

Michael Shepherd, Houston, TX

I Love it! I feel 28 again … and I’m 55!

I heard the commercial and I was like, no way. These guys are at my age or older, there’s no way they’re feeling that great, so that’s when I ordered Andro400, and after the first month I was like, wow, I do feel better. I feel more energetic! I wanted 2014 to be different for my life. I wanted to feel more energy. I wanted to feel more alive. I wanted to be awake during the whole day. When I tried Andro400, that changed everything. I love it! I used to want to take naps all the time, now I don’t. I have more energy than I thought I could ever have. I can finish my whole work day without feeling dragged out. I feel like a 28 year old and I’m 55!

Tim Weseman, Santa Cruz, CA

Cancer Survivor Now Has the Energy to Walk 12 Miles a Day!

I ordered Andro400 Max, and it was incredible — I’m not kidding you! I love this stuff and I want to get it every month. I’m an old guy and I don’t trust nobody and I couldn’t believe it — this damn stuff works! I’ve been hearing about it for 2 years and I said, “You gotta try it” and it changed my life, it really has brightened up everything. I feel better. I’m a cancer survivor and I walk 12 miles a day. I feel great, it’s one of the few things I’ve ever bought that works! And I’ve tried all kinds of stuff. I am really enthusiastic, I have more energy, everything – it’s really incredible. Thank you very, very much! 

Duane Olguin, Westminster, CO

Improves Energy & Performance, Loses 23 Lbs

It works great — I’m 51 years old and I’ve got the energy of a school kid! I went from 235 down to 212 pounds in less than 90 days. My stamina and performance in the bedroom has tripled, my wife can hardly keep me off of her!

Joe Harrison, Madison, TN

Provides Energy to do What He Loves at 68

I feel good. I notice it gives me energy because I’m so active. I’ll be 68 in Dec. and I still catch 9-inning baseball games and go to the gym and do everything I can. I’m feeling better with it. I was a little skeptical but I noticed a boost in my energy level. And I wear myself out pretty good every day. Anything that gives me more energy so I can keep doing the things I love, then I’m going to keep trying it.

Kenneth Foster, Summerset, SD

More Testosterone at 70 Yrs Young

My testosterone was so low I went to the doctor, and that’s when I started using Andro400 Max. It’s been working for me ever since. It’s more energy, more stamina, my testosterone is up, and I’m 70 years old! Imagine! It took this to work for me. It’s been a year now, and it absolutely works. This is a God-sent product! Thank you very much!

William Moran, Bronx, NY

At 54 His Energy & Health is Great

I appreciate your products. Everything – my energy, my health – is great! I’m 54 years old, I’m pretty active, but when you get over 50, you worry about your belly fat and stuff. And gosh, it’s just been great now. I think this helps a bunch. I’m totally sold on it. You have a lifetime customer here as long as I’m alive and kickin’. Appreciate you folks very much, and the product.

Daniel Schuck, Urbandale, IA

Lost 30 Pounds!

Over the last 4 months I’ve lost 30 pounds. I’m not exercising or anything else, I’m just working and actually as I’ve lost weight, I eat less and eat smaller portions.

Barry Cox, Minerva, OH

Lost 38 Lbs and 4 Inches of Belly Fat, Has More Energy

I went from 230 pounds down to 192. When my son got married, I went for the suit fitting, and I was a size 48. When I went back to do the final fitting, I was a 44! I want to keep getting it for the weight loss; I lost 4 inches around my belly, and I want to get rid of the rest of the weight around my belly. I’m 57, and my wife says I look like I’m back in my 30s. I have more energy for sure, and I’m going to participate in one of those Savage races where they have the obstacle courses with one of our kids.

Chris Teter, Spring Grove, PA

44 lbs Gone and Proud of How He Looks!

I’m a believer! I went from 252 with a beer belly to 208. I’m proud of it, I look great! It’s working out good for me — I think every guy should be doing this.

Kenny Holcomb, Wichita Falls, TX

87 Yr Old Easily Lost His Paunch

It’s doing me good! I’m 87 years old, so I didn’t expect a huge breakthrough, but I had a really easy time getting rid of my paunch. My stomach is flatter than it was.

Ernest Freeberg, Topsham, ME

Blood Pressure is Down

A couple months ago I bought Andro400 Max. My blood pressure went down. One thing I noticed this past couple weeks — because I take blood pressure medication — and my blood pressure was 111, 109 over 57, and I’ve never been that before. I’m going to continue to see if I can get off of this other medication. Staying on Andro400 would be much safer for me I feel. I injured my back – I was almost crippled at one point – and I didn’t gain one ounce of weight and I even lost a little near the end. Obviously something was working!

Greg Baragwanath, Flushing, MI

No More Sore Joints

I’m happy with what I’ve got. Had a few sore joints and that’s all gone

Harry McWard, Palmer, IL

Muscles Coming Back at 72 & Feels Different

I had ordered a bottle of Andro400 Max. I have noticed that my body has started to tone up. You know, muscles started to come back. I’m an old guy, I’m 72, but everything started to come back. And I feel a lot different. I feel peppier.

Cliff Sewell, Strongsville, OH

68-Year-Old Still Plays Ball with 18-Year-Olds

I ordered Andro400 Max about a month and a half ago and I like it. I feel better overall. I’m 68 years old and I play basketball with people, some of them are 50 years younger than I am, and I can still play with them. I’ve actually lost a couple pounds. I asked my doctor about it, and he said it can’t hurt, it might give you a boost of energy, you might lose belly fat — I’ve lost 3 pounds, and it’s only been 3 weeks.

Rickey Reynolds, Portland, OR

Belly Fat Gone for 73 Yr. Old Diabetic

I haven’t been losing a lot of actual weight because I work out and replace what goes away with a little muscle mass. Not a lot – at age 73 you don’t have a lot, but I’ve found that it’s made my pants and everything fit better. All that belly fat went away! I’m diabetic and it’s helped me a lot on maintaining my balance of protein and carbohydrates. And I’ve noticed a little more energy.

Jack McSpadden, Batesville, AR

It Works, Testosterone Is High, Waist is Down

I really do like it. Just very satisfied with the product, it definitely does work. I even ended up getting my testosterone checked, and it was like around 670 so that’s pretty high. In 7 months and I lost 18 pounds. I notice it on my waist, too. I went to a 34 and now I’m able to easily fit into a 32. I’ve actually told friends about it. I said: “You know a lot of stuff you don’t believe in. This stuff, my testimony is that it does work.” Your product’s definitely worth the money, for sure

Lou Freda, Newport Beach, CA

Best Thing Since Peanut Butter!

Thank you! I have lost 30 pounds, down to 34 waist, and have 4 people I have turned onto your wonderful product. Down to two pills a day. Best thing since peanut butter. lol

Robert Wagner, San Diego, CA

Improved Memory, Lost Weight, Now a 32 inch Waist

It’s working out great. It pretty much does what it says it does. And I’m pretty pleased with it. The weight, the memory. I dropped down from 34 to a 32 right now in jeans.

Charles Battaglia, Uvalde, TX

Over 2” of Belly Fat Gone!

Andro400 Max has really helped my energy level, and I’ve dropped a couple of pants sizes. I was at a size 40 pants and dropped to a 38, and now the 38s are loose. I’m going to have to buy some new clothes! And my girlfriend’s happier, too, so it’s a win-win!

James Turner, Birmingham, AL

Mood and Libido Improved

I’ve been on it 2 months so far, and I’m gaining muscle in my upper body. My arms are getting huge, and I’m not even really working out! I first started noticing change in about 3 weeks – I started to firm up and everything. My mood’s improved, I’ll tell you that. I’ve noticed I’m a lot less cranky. I’m more level-headed. My libido has gone up, and I noticed that probably by the 2nd or 3rd week. I’m not as lazy. I’m more, “Why sit on the couch?” I started buying fruit trees and started gardening.

Jake Fish, Williamsburg, VA

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