You may have heard that boosting your testosterone can increase the risk of prostate cancer. Recent studies confirm this is a myth. (1)

For decades, large segments of the medical establishment misinterpreted data developed in the early 1940s and wrongfully concluded that increasing testosterone would increase the chances of getting prostate cancer.  This wrong belief led physicians to deny treatments to countless patients with low testosterone who otherwise could have received significant benefits in combating cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, muscle loss, dementia, osteoporosis, and many other health problems. (2)

Is Low Testosterone a Health Risk? YES!

A review of data from the National Institutes of Health revealed that, in older men, “high testosterone levels are not associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer, nor are low testosterone levels protective against prostate cancer.” (1)

New Studies Show Testosterone Actually Decreases Prostate Cancer

In a 9-year study of over 500 men diagnosed with prostate cancer, high testosterone levels were actually associated with a decreased risk of aggressive prostate disease. (2)

The International Journal of Andrology confirmed this link in their report of a 6-month study examining the prostate health of currently healthy men, aged 40–83, who increased their testosterone. They found that boosting testosterone in men with symptoms of Low T can slow and even reverse prostate growth. (3)

Bottom line, studies show that the better medical and scientific conclusion is that men with lower testosterone levels have a greater risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer.  Accordingly, it makes sense for men to maintain youthful levels of testosterone as they age. (1-3)


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