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Are you the 1 in 4 Americans who take a statin medication?

Statins are prescribed to lower cholesterol, and if your doctor prescribed one for you, you will likely take it the rest of your life.

Known side effects of statins include: heart disease and failure, muscle pain and damage, liver damage, increased risk of type 2 diabetes, and memory loss.

Studies also show that statins significantly lower testosterone. And the longer you take a statin, the more your testosterone drops.

If you take statins, you may need to increase the amount of Andro400 to offset your prescription’s T-lowering effect. 

Options for Healthy Cholesterol

The good news is, you can achieve normal cholesterol levels through diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements. A diet low in sugar, as well as moderate exercise such as 30-minute walks daily, can start you down the right path.

Adding Andro400 to your routine can also help.

By naturally increasing your testosterone production, Andro400 can help you achieve a new healthy lifestyle, with more energy, strength, and stamina to do the things you love. Some customers even report ending the need for statin drugs, under doctor supervision.

With a few positive changes, you can help Andro400 work more efficiently to boost your testosterone, so you can fully experience the benefits of natural testosterone, such as improved mood, memory, immune system, and heart health.

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