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After a long day at work, are you ready to go where everyone knows your name? Happy Hour is a popular tradition … but you may want to rethink your next order at the bar.

Studies show that binge drinking or regularly consuming 2 or more alcoholic drinks per day can lower your testosterone. And men who routinely drink 5 or more alcoholic beverages per day have the lowest testosterone levels reported, as well as a 33% reduction in sperm concentration compared to men who consume 1 or fewer alcoholic drinks per day. (1, 2)

Additionally, alcohol can disrupt your sleep cycle, which can lower testosterone even further. In fact, sleeping 5 hours or fewer per night can decrease testosterone as much as 15%. (3)

Is Sobriety My Only Option?

Don’t worry, you can still celebrate the good times! If you are going to have that drink, experts recommend avoid drinking to the point of impairment and limiting consumption to 2 drinks in one setting. (4)

Your testosterone is key to building strength, muscle, and bone density, and supporting heart health, mood, libido, and your immune system, so it is important to protect it. (5) Limiting your alcohol consumption can help Andro400 work more efficiently and give you faster, more dramatic results!

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