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The days are finally getting longer — time to jump-start your health routine!

The nights may be cold still, but this 1 easy habit can boost T levels and help tighten your waistline, no matter the weather:

Studies prove that men who do some form of resistance exercise get a natural boost in their T levels, which helps keep you fit. (1)

Resistance exercise typically means lifting weight, but you don’t have to be He-Man to experience the benefits! You can start by adding a 5-pound weight to your routine, and studies show you only need to do it twice per week to improve your testosterone health. (1)

Try a set of bicep curls, lunges, or sit-ups while holding the extra weights in your hands.  Slowing down movements will turn up the intensity and make your workout even more effective at boosting testosterone. (2)

Try this 4-minute testosterone-boosting exercise: 

1. Warm-up for 3 minutes, include stretching exercises

2. Add 30 seconds of a high-intensity exercise such as jogging or jumping rope

 3. Follow with a 90-second cool-down.

Start slowly and work your way up to repeating this exercise as many as 7 times. The key is to keep exertion brief in order to boost your body’s natural production of testosterone.

Make a habit of this short exercise routine to achieve your health goals, regain youthful energy, lose excess fat, and keep it off! And remember to take Andro400 daily to experience faster, more dramatic results!

Get ready for a happier, healthier you in 2020!

More Motivation in Each Capsule

If you are taking Andro400 Max, unless you’re a larger-than-average man, most likely you will not need more than 2 capsules/day to feel the many benefits of naturally increased testosterone, such as increased energy, improved muscle tone, and fat loss.

However, if the weather has you down, take an extra capsule or 2 for an extra boost of energy whenever you need it (whether it’s before working out, playing your favorite sport or playing with your grandkids). There’s no danger in increasing your dosage because Andro400 Max is a very healthy, all-natural supplement that has been proven to be a safe and effective alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. (3)


1.  Wilson, C and Contreras-Ferrat A, et. al., “Testosterone increases GLUT4-dependent glucose uptake in cardiomyocytes,†Journal of Cellular Physiology, Dec 2013. 228(12): 2399-407.  

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