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Testosterone levels will temporarily increase during sex, but the effect is short term. Your T levels will revert back to normal levels after climaxing. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that frequent or infrequent sexual activity has long-term effects on testosterone levels. 

The Details of Sex and Testosterone

While having sex does increase testosterone for a short moment, many have questions about the long-term effects. 

For example, does sex lower testosterone in the long run? The short answer is no, but some studies have noted the effect of abstinence on testosterone levels. One study had men refrain from masturbation and ejaculation for three weeks and noticed their T levels mildly increased. 

Another study found evidence to suggest testosterone levels may increase up to 150 percent after seven days of abstinence. However, none of these studies suggested that frequent sex will lower your testosterone below a normal level.

Others wonder if testosterone plays a direct role in sexual desire. One study found that testosterone levels in couples that have sex are highest directly after intercourse, suggesting that sex may influence testosterone rather than testosterone influencing sex.

The Relationship Between Testosterone and Sex Drive

Testosterone is known to be linked to sex drive for both men and women. However, the effect is more noticeable for men. The hormone physiologically stimulates male sex drive and performance. 

So why do some older men feel like they’ve lost their libido? Because the hormone naturally decreases with age. It will peak sometime in early adulthood but can drop by one percent per year once you hit your forties. A more dramatic fall in testosterone can be caused by injury, illness, infection, chemotherapy or radiation treatment, and certain medication.

Men with low levels of testosterone will find it difficult to have satisfying sex and are more prone to erectile dysfunction (ED) and other sexual problems. Low T can also contribute to fatigue, rapid mood changes, reduced muscle mass, and loss of bone strength.

It should also be noted that low testosterone isn’t the only thing that can have an adverse effect on sex drive. Other factors include stress, sleep, and current opportunities for sex.

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Does Sex Help Build Muscle and Boost Your Work Out Performance?

Testosterone is known to help build muscles because it helps your body synthesize protein. So some people theorize that working out immediately after having sex can result in better performance during exercise and more muscle. 

Because the effects of sex and masturbation on testosterone are so minor, frequent sexual activity will likely have little to no effect on your gains at the gym. Not to mention, sex also releases oxytocin, a hormone that’s known to relax people and even make them drowsy. So if you try to immediately capitalize on the testosterone spike after sex, oxytocin will likely cause you to perform poorly at the gym. 

So, if you’re looking to improve your muscle development with testosterone, sex is not the answer. You just need to regularly exercise with heavy weights and optimize your diet with testosterone boosting supplements.

Feel Like You Again

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