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There are a lot of myths across the internet about the effects of increased testosterone on your overall health, and whether testosterone is linked to prostate cancer. Some information suggests that higher testosterone is the cause of prostate cancer, which, simply put, isn’t true. An even bigger issue is caused by linking hormone therapy with the risk of cancer—keeping those who need help away from the treatment they need because of a few misconceptions that are floating around.

If you suffer from low testosterone levels and are concerned about the risk of prostate cancer, this blog will clear some things up for you. Getting help with your health shouldn’t worry you, it should make you feel good. If the concerns around testosterone therapy are too much for you, there are ways to naturally increase your low testosterone levels safely and effectively.

First, let’s clear up some misinformation about testosterone levels and prostate cancer.

Myth #1: High Testosterone Causes Prostate Cancer

It can be a convenient claim by other brands and products to say that something that raises your testosterone levels might be bad for you, especially if they’re in the market where such claims could make them money. Never listen to a businessman when it comes to your health—listen to the science behind it all. 

In the case of prostate therapy and natural enhancers like Andro400, this belief just isn’t the case. A study by the University of Washington Medicine of 150,000 men over the age of 40 with low levels of testosterone levels found that seeking treatment to raise testosterone levels wasn’t associated with the formation or growth of aggressive prostate cancer.

The thought that higher levels of testosterone might be deterring people who could highly benefit from some form of treatment or natural supplement to increase their levels is a dangerous game to play and could have a negative impact on your life.

Myth #2: Low Testosterone Can Lead to Prostate Cancer

Just like with high levels of testosterone, low levels of the hormone have also been said to be the cause of prostate cancer. This is something that’s also not true, though the side effects of low testosterone levels, or Low T, are not to be ignored.

When you suffer from Low T, you might experience long bouts of fatigue, weight gain, and the inability to pack on muscle mass, among other things. This is because testosterone is the hormone responsible for helping your body maintain its healthy functions, including your body weight and overall body fat percentage.

When your levels of testosterone start to decline, you might notice some tiredness, hair loss, and minor body aches and pains. When you’re experiencing low levels of testosterone, you might not feel like yourself. In instances such as these, taking a supplement that will restore your testosterone back to highly functioning levels could be very beneficial.

First understanding that naturally-derived supplements like Andro400 can help increase testosterone levels without causing prostate cancer is a good place to start. The only active ingredient is the herb Eurycoma longifolia, which is found in the rainforests of Indonesia and has been historically used to improve physical, mental, and sexual health. If you experience Low T, know that there are options available to you to naturally produce and increase your levels so you can get back to a healthy and happy life.

Myth #3: Testosterone Therapy Can Cause Prostate Cancer

There are many reasons why someone would try out testosterone therapy. Whether it’s low testosterone levels, high testosterone levels, or a different medical condition that could benefit from altering the amount of testosterone in the body, therapy can be very beneficial.

A doctor at the Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) found that even those who had prostate cancer and are now cancer-free can partake in testosterone therapy if it’s what the doctor ordered, and do so without running the risk of inciting new cancer cell growth. The study also noted that some more experimental researchers are correlating links to testosterone therapy and the treatment of prostate cancer and other cancers in less-aggressive formats. 

If prostate cancer runs in your family, getting checked out on a regular basis isn’t a bad idea. Getting check-ups on a consistent basis will allow you to stay ahead of any issues and tackle them before they become serious health problems. 

Andro400 Can Provide a Natural Solution

There is a natural, safe, and effective solution to low testosterone levels. Rather than going through testosterone therapy and the countless sessions it takes to build up your levels, let Andro400 help. This naturally-derived supplement aims to improve your quality of life, brain function, and your sex drive, among other things. 
By using only one active ingredient, you can sleep easy knowing you aren’t putting harmful chemicals into your body with hopes of healing it. If you’re someone who struggles with testosterone levels and is concerned about prostate cancer, give naturally-formulated Andro400 a try today.

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