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Do you remember the last time you won? Whether it was a tennis match, a game of cards, or even stock trading, do you remember the rush you felt after?

That rush from winning is directly tied to your testosterone — when you win, your T levels spike, sometimes by as much as 1,000 percent. And when your T levels spike, you are more likely to win the next time, too. (1)

Biologists call this testosterone-fueled cycle of victory upon victory the “winner effect.†Testosterone not only flows more freely when you win, but it biologically transforms you into a self-assured person who is more focused and who has that rare quality of a champion: a belief in yourself and your ability to win. (1)

Get the Most from Andro400:

Andro400 can help you achieve the “winner effect” by safely and naturally boosting your T levels. (2)

Many customers tell us they get the most from Andro400 by taking two capsules in the morning and an extra capsule about an hour before a physical or stressful event, such as playing a sport or closing a deal. 

So the next time you need an extra boost of energy and confidence, try an extra capsule of Andro400 to get that extra edge!

For more information on the amazing health benefits of increasing your testosterone, please visit our page on Gaining Energy with Testosterone.

Study Shows: Higher Testosterone Linked to Winning

In a study of 22 professional athletes, the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance found a surprising connection between the athletes’ own natural testosterone and competitive outcome.

 They found that the difference between winning and losing was reflected in testosterone levels. 

In all athletes, pre-game testosterone levels were significantly higher before winning games than losses. Physical performance during the game was also improved when testosterone was higher.

In other words, the athletes’ own natural testosterone prior to the game was directly related to the outcome of the game — the higher their natural testosterone, the more frequently the athlete won.

This is good news because studies show that when you restore your testosterone to youthful levels, you will gain all the vital health benefits — causing you to enjoy all your sports and activities even more.


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